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Net Asset Value as of eight.5.2021

Diversification does no longer ensure a earnings or guarantee against loss.

Investment Strategy

Portfolio asset allocations are estimates made through the choices adviser and are situation to exchange.

The allocation does not upload as much as a hundred% as it displays the choices envisioned leverage utilized by the underlying finances.

Portfolio Statistics as of 6.30.2021

Performance statistics quoted represents past overall performance, which isn’t always a assure of destiny results. Current overall performance can be lower or higher than the choices performance quoted. The foremost value and funding return of an funding will range so that your stocks, while redeemed, may be well worth more or much less than their unique fee. You can obtain performance information cutting-edge to the choices maximum recent month cease by way of calling 888.848.7569. Total go back measures net funding profits and capital benefit or loss from portfolio investments. All overall performance proven assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains distributions.

Fund Expenses

The cost ratio as disclosed inside the Fund’s annual record dated 9.30.2020 handiest includes the direct fees paid by way of shareholders from their funding. The fee ratio as disclosed within the Fund’s prospectus dated 1.28.2021 is needed to include the choices oblique fees of making an investment in underlying funds.

Risk/Return Tradeoff

As of 6.30.2021 (Since Inception*)

Portfolio Managers

Mr. Gundlach is the choices Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine. He is identified as an expert* in bond and glued income investments. In 2012, he was named one of the “50 Most Influential” by Bloomberg Markets mag. In 2013, he become named “Money Manager of the choices Year” with the aid of Institutional Investor. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College summa cum laude preserving a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy.

Disclosures & Definitions

More precise data regarding those risks may be found in the Fund’s prospectus.

Fund Risks: Asset-Backed Security Risk – the risk that the price of the underlying belongings will impair the choices cost of the security. Borrowing Risk – borrowings increase fund fees and are difficulty to reimbursement, in all likelihood at inopportune instances. Closed-End Fund Risk – closed-quit finances are alternate traded, may additionally exchange at a discount to their net asset values and can set up leverage. Convertible Security Risk – the marketplace fee of convertible securities adjusts with hobby prices and the choices cost of the choices underlying stock. Currency Risk – foreign currencies will rise or decline relative to the choices U.S. dollar. Defaulted Securities Risk – defaulted securities convey the choices hazard of uncertainty of compensation. Derivatives Risk – derivatives are concern to counterparty chance. Equity Risk – equity securities may additionally enjoy volatility and the cost of equity securities can also flow in contrary guidelines from every other and from different fairness markets generally. Exchange Traded Note Risk – change traded notes represent unsecured debt of the issuer and can be inspired by means of interest prices, credit ratings of the provider or modifications in cost of the choices reference index. Fixed Income Risk – the choices marketplace fee of constant income securities adjusts with hobby quotes and the securities are problem to company default. Foreign/Emerging Market Risk – overseas securities can be problem to inefficient or risky markets, exclusive regulatory regimes or unique tax guidelines. These dangers can be greater in emerging markets. Investment Style Risk – funding strategies might also are available in and out of fashion with buyers and may underperform or outperform at instances. Liquidity Risk – illiquid investments can be tough or not possible to promote. Large Shareholder Purchase and Redemption Risk – The Fund might also experience detrimental outcomes whilst positive big shareholders buy or redeem big amounts of shares of the choices Fund. Management Risk – there may be no guarantee that the adviser’s or sub-adviser’s investment decisions will produce the choices favored consequences. Market Risk – monetary situations, hobby costs and political events may additionally have an effect on the securities markets. Mortgage-Backed Security Risk – loan subsidized securities are situation to credit hazard, pre-payment risk and devaluation of the choices underlying collateral. Preferred Stock Risk – preferred stocks typically pay dividends, however may be less liquid than not unusual shares, have much less precedence than debt contraptions and may be challenge to redemption by the provider. Rating Agency Risk – rating companies may additionally trade their rankings or rankings might not appropriately mirror a debt company’s creditworthiness. REIT Risk – the choices price of REITs changes with the price of the underlying houses and modifications in interest charges and are subject to additional fees. Security Risk – The cost of the Fund may lower in reaction to the activities and financial potentialities of character securities within the Fund’s portfolio. Structured Notes Risk – due to the embedded by-product feature, dependent notes are concern to extra chance than investing in a simple be aware or bond. Swap Risk – switch agreements are difficulty to counterparty default threat and won’t carry out as meant. Tax Risk – new federal or kingdom governmental movement ought to adversely affect the choices tax-exempt popularity of securities held by the choices Fund, resulting in higher tax liability for shareholders and probably hurting Fund overall performance as properly. Underlying Fund Risk – underlying price range have additional expenses, may also utilize leverage, may not correlate to an supposed index and can alternate at a reduction to their internet asset values. Valuation Risk – Loans and fixed-earnings securities are traded “over the counter” and because there may be no centralized information regarding trading, the valuation of loans and glued-profits securities may also range.

Past performance is no guarantee of destiny effects. Diversification does now not make certain a earnings or assure against loss.

CFA® is a hallmark owned with the aid of the choices CFA Institute.

DoubleLine® is a registered trademark of DoubleLine Capital LP.

1 The price at which a closed-end fund trades frequently varies from its NAV. Some funds have marketplace prices beneath their net asset values – referred to as a discount. Conversely, some funds have marketplace fees above their internet asset values – referred to as a top class.

2 Alpha is a measure of performance on a chance-adjusted foundation. The excess return of a fund relative to the choices go back of the benchmark index is a fund’s alpha.

three BofA Master Mortgage Index includes fixed-price, coupon-bearing bonds that are comprised of widely wide-spread skip-through securities which are composed of numerous mortgage pools with diverse maturities. The quantity awesome in every organization/type/coupon subdivision of the mortgage index need to be extra than or equal to $200 million. CMOs are excluded to keep away from double-counting. The index cannot be invested in directly and does no longer replicate costs and charges.

4 The Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index is an unmonitored index of investment-grade fixed-rate debt issues with maturities of at the least twelve months. The index can’t be invested in at once and does not reflect prices and prices.

five The All Fixed Income Closed-End Fund (CEF) Index is a peer grouping of all listed closed-stop price range Morningstar categorizes as “Fixed Income”, such as both taxable and non-taxable funds.

6 Standard deviation is a degree of the volatility of a fund’s returns.

7 Estimated Duration: Duration is a degree of the choices sensitivity of the choices price of a hard and fast earnings funding to a exchange in hobby quotes. Duration is expressed as a number of years. Duration is anticipated by way of the choices adviser based totally on positive assumptions from third-celebration statistics and is problem to exchange.

8 30-Day SEC Yield: The yield discern displays the dividends and hobby earned all through the choices duration, after the choices deduction of the Fund’s costs.

9 The Fund can pay periodic distributions along with dividend income, return of capital, and capital gains. However, the tax traits of these distributions can not be completely decided till after the choices stop of yr whilst the Fund’s underlying investments designate or reclassify the choices composition of their payments. In the choices meantime, the choices Fund estimates go back of capital prices primarily based on the preceding 12 months’s distribution. As a end result, a part of the choices quoted SEC Yield may additionally include an anticipated quantity of return of capital.

This web site does now not represent a suggestion to sell or a solicitation of a proposal to buy stocks of the Funds in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, buy or sale would be illegal beneath the securities legal guidelines of such jurisdiction.

An investment in the Funds entails risk, inclusive of lack of important.